Itwasalwaysdifficultformetotalkaboutmyself…It seemed to me, that I can forget something. Because I want to tell a lot, but it appears to be unreal, to encapsulate it in two-three pages of the written text. Then, like a sky-sign, I got a call from one German journalist, who asked me to meet for an interview. How can I help saying, that the Universe is on my side?!
My whole lifeis put in this one-hour’s conversation.


Tasha Milkova. Today people speak about her not only in Ukraine, Russia, and since recently in Belarus, but also here – in Germany. Her songs “Risk” or “Heart at gunpoint” are probably not sung only by lazy ones. And she seems to know exactly, what she is singing about. The most important thing in music is to feel.

– Iamanoptimist, – Tashaadmits. – I am sure that nothing happening to us is occasionally. Even misfortune and some failures in life give us valuable experience. This is the reason, why some songs are heart touching and some of them just pass by.

– Therecanbemanyreasons: the wrong topic, the wrong tune, the wrong mood…
– It’s true. However, everything is “wrong” because of one reason – the song does not have the soul. The exponents sing something, but they have never experienced anything like that. How can they feel, what they are trying to express to people? Life with its good and sometimes difficult lessons comes here for help. Yourownexperienceisthetrustiestally.

– Of course, it even does not make sense to argue about that. Is yournickname also the result of your life experience?
– We can say so (she is smiling). It is a very interesting story. Iwasactuallyintroducedindifferentways.Everyproducer, with whom we started our cooperation, was trying to do something new or something “own”. However no of these nicknames left with me for a long time. Because I think, the most native and the closest is the right choice.

– So, do you want to say that Tasha Milkova is your real name?
– Yes. Tasha is diminutive from Natalia, Natasha. Milkova (surname, given in the passport is Mil’kova – author’s note) – is my real surname. There is no miracle. The truth is that “Milkov” is the surname of my father. Actually this way –MILKOV. However, there was a mistake, occurred during the last passport-exchange. Thesoftsignwasaddedtothesurname. This way webecameMil’kovs. However, I decided to “restore justice” and used my real surname. This is the way in which my nickname – Tasha Milkova appeared.

– Tasha, you actually come from Ukraine. Last year you managed to win the heart of Belarus. Why are you aimed at Germany now?
– Let’s start with the fact that I am a real cosmopolitan. IwasborninTurkmenistan, and then we moved with my parents to Ukraine. Concerning Germany… Many things connect it with me.
Firstly, my fatheris a German for one quarter. Hisfullbloodfather – mygrandfather – was the son of the German woman and the Russian military (by the way,he isof Belarussian origin!).He was living in Germany for a long time, than he moved to Turkmenistan in duty bounden, where he met my granny and they gave birth to my father. Soon after the father’s birth, granny and grandpa came back to Dresden.

– …Andthenagain – Turkmenistan and Ukraine?
– Exactly (she is smiling). When my father was a little bit more than 1 year old,granny and grandpa divorced. Insomeyearsgrannygot married and the whole family moved to Ukraine. After many years, when my father married my mother, he was sent to tour of duty in Turkmenistan (city Krasnovodsk), where I was born…

– But this is not the end of your mutual love with Germany, is it?
– Absolutely correct! I used to take part in some German children-youth song festivals, later I started coming there with concerts. 2014 I had common working experience with German producer’s centerSonghouse. We signed a contract and even coped with releasing two songs – “It’snothappening”, “YouCouldbetheone”. There was also a raw of concerts in Germany, where I made acquainted with many famous musicians and singers.

– Tasha, Iknowthatyouareoneof not many artists, who does not talk about private life…But still… MayIask, whathappensatthebackstage? Who is that hero, who gained your heart and to whom many of your songs aredevoted?
– Yes, youareabsolutelyright, I don’t like talking about what happens at home, because I consider that artist should be interesting with their songs, but not with stories from a private life. But we have a very open conversation…(she is smiling). Iammarried. Myhusband’snameisPavelNikov. He is a former sportsman – judoman. After finishing the sporting career, he has been working as a bodyguard of political persons. After meeting me, he left this risks and started private business.

– Iamevenafraidtoask, where you met him…
– At my concert in Ukraine 2010. He was with a business visit.Now we have a small daughter and we are living in two countries – Ukraine and Germany.

– Every family has its own story, which is “enough to make a cat laugh”…
– Oh,yes, but the phrase “we ate a peck of salt together” is more suitable for us. At the beginning of our relationship, I decided to impress him with my culinary abilities. As every woman, I wanted to surprise him positively with something tasty. He is a cook-technologist by profession (As you understand, it added responsibility). Having thought for a while, I decided to cook my original charlotte according to our family recipe. I was too nervous! And like in a bad film, I added quite a big amount of salt, instead of sugar.

– I am even afraid to continue listening…
– (Sheislaughing).Wearesittingatthetable. I cannot eat a morsel because of being nervous. And I am pouring tea, treating my guest with a pie, as a good housewife. My husband is eating everything with a full mouth, a sentimental and kind face. When the half of the pie was eaten, I eased a little bit at last and decided to join to tea drinking. Imagine my face, when I tasted my “culinary masterpiece” for the first time!(She is laughing). At this moment I realized, that this is a truly loving man in front of me. MY true loving man, who has eaten a half of an apple horror, just to make pleasure to the lovely woman.


– Tasha, today you are popular in a raw of countries. Where is it the most comfortable for you?
– Even having a big wish, I would not be able to choose only one country. There is something to learn in every of them. Every country has its advantages and disadvantages. The same concerns a person. People in Ukraine are very friendly. They live through every concert together with you like a separate little life. You can learn good organization and sense of humor in Russia. I like Belarus very much, because people are very open to you. Even being on the stage, you feel the audience support. Germany, famous for its stability and self-organization, teaches to keep everything under your control. I will say very sincerely – I enjoy staying in every country.

– When did you write your first poem or your first song?
– It was a devotion to my friends. Because of the fact, that my father was military, we had to move very often. Consequently, when I had justfound new friends, we had to go to another country or city after a while. Such first difficult leave was moving from Lvov. A was already 12, we had been living for more than 7 years there and I had my place under the sun, a lot of friends and love to the city. When I left, everyone was crying: my friends, my parents, me…But these strong feelings started developing my creative personality. At a new place, I started writing to my friends. At first, these were poems and later songs. It was pleasant for them and it helped me to live through our separation.

– Wereparentsnotagainst?
– No, theydid their best to support me atthisstage. AthomeI always recorded different concerts for video-recorder, after that I played them for hundreds time and sang with artists. There was a House of Culture in BelajaTserkov’, where we moved from Lvov. My first studio started there.

– Folksongsanddances?
– That’sjustthepoint, thattheywerenot! The head of the studio Mikhail IvanovichOleinikhad “Yamaha”! He turned on a mini-CD and it was possible to perform some modern pop-songs.
I have a picture in front of my eyes, as if it were now: huge windows, curtains up to the floor, sunset, the sun is lightly coming through the curtains…And I am standing on the stage, looking at sunset, singing and have only one thought in my head: “It is really mine!”.
A little bit later, there were different circles, competitions. There are national and modern dances, track-and-field athletics, rhythmic gymnastics, theatre of fashion and song, vocal studio in my career path…I got sprightful character from my parents. I was the first school activist; I organized concerts and took part in all events. As I grew a bit older, I started participating not only at school concerts, but also at Ukrainian and international concerts like, “Vesnatanzujet”, “Faino”, “ChervonaRuta”, “PesennyiVernisazh” and the others.

– Tasha, how did you come into the final of Eurovision in Belarus?
– I have already told you, that I have roots in Belarus (paternal) and people themselves are open and always ready to help. And because that some of my songs get popularity in the raw of countries, they alsoreached Belarus. One of such people, who got interested in my creative work, was one wonderful person – Andrei Kozlovskij. At first, he just liked the repertory. However a bit later he read my biography and learnt about my Belarus roots. It inspired him very much. That is why Andrei invited me to Eurovision as a guest. I am very thankful to him because of that. We are still good acquaintances with this person.

– You created a unique project for that time – “I will be”. How is it going now?
– The project still exists. But this is not my all creative work, but just a part of it, like a brunch. And “I will be” is really unique. I started working at it in 2011, when Ukrainian music as such was not especially demanded, more over Ukrainian music with its simplicity and beauty. I came up to producers, and after listening to me, they sent me away many times, asking: “Who are you singing for?”
But I am very proud of this work! I gathered different folk music instruments from different parts of the country. We recorded them together with musicians in the studio. This way three songs were created – “I will be”, “You will be mine”, “My beloved”. By the way, the last one is my author’s song. And just imagine, when we are constantly shown only silicon breasts, semi-permanent hair and eye lashes, puffed lips and tones of put on make-up from the TV screen and then someimage, which is so to say, not in, invades. It’s a simple modern Ukrainianwithout artificial salon “additives”, almost without make-up, and she sings about simple things, but the most important ones.

– It definitely impresses.
– This branch of my creative work isstill growing. WhenIhearnewinstruments somewhere, I notice and note everything; I gather and store materials for a new song. So, just wait (she is smiling).

– You had experience of common work with a famous producer DmitriiKlimashenko. What did you get from this cooperation?
– We started working with Dmitrii in 2013. And I am very thankful to him for this experience. Dmitriiand I wanted to create something unusual, cosmic. It demanded unexpected solutions. We have created marvelous songs together: “Climbing to the stars” (we sang it together), “Heart at gunpoint”, “Risk once”, and we also released a video clip “Climbing to the stars”.

– I feel that this is a special song for you.
– Itisreallyso.The song, the videoclipandthewholework. This is my pride without exaggeration. The song was created in the period, when military actions have just started in Ukraine. This is the pain of all folks. While politicians are solving their issues, people cumulate enmity and hate to each other. Mass media provide them different kind of information, and agree, it is not always true. That is why I think, “Climbing to the stars was extra important. We wanted to bring to people, that you have to listen not to positions, which are dictated from out, but to your heart, that you have to think not with patterns from a “TV-box” and newspapers, but with your brain. It seems to me, that we have fully expressed it.

– Where did you film the clip for this song?
– Around the world. The clip director AlexandrFilatovich is a genius in his work. The main part was filmed in the Crimea. But he gathered the raw of shoots around the world. Can you imagine how big this work is? I am very thankful to DmitriiKlimashenko and AlexandrFilalatovich for this cooperation.

– Are you preparing new songs?
– Yes, I am working at two albums at the moment. I hope you will hear them soon.

– And I hope it will be the next reason for our meeting.
– Thankyou.

Itseemedtome, thatitispossibleto talk to this young and talented woman endlessly. And I am completely sure, that the reason for our next material will not make us wait for a long time.

Rudolf Schneider, “Sterne von Show-Business” (“Stars of Show-business”)

2000 – InternationalFestival“Land. Theatre.Children” (Yevpatoria), finalist.
2001 – “Brigantina”,vocal singing competition, Crimea.
2001 – Dance competition “Ovation”, winner.
2005 -Euro Pop Contest Grand–Prix “Berliner Perle”, finalist.
2006-2010 – R.M. GliereInstitute, department: “Pop vocal”, subdepartment: “Music art”. High school teacher of vocalBorovikS.Y. –meritedopera singer of Ukraine.
2006–Elimination round of Eurovision.
2007–Tookpart at TV show with D.Shepelev: “Karaoke star”
2008-2010 Work at the first Ukrainian theater of musical: “Kamil’fo”
Ukraine: “Х- Factor”, “Starsfactory”, “Want to Meladze”, “Want to be a star”, “Love and music”and others.
Germany: “DSDS”show, she got acquainted toDieter Bohlen (Modern Talking), Vanessa May, Michelle, H.P. Baxxter. Show“Voice of Germany».
2008 – Mainroleinthemusical “NotreDamedeParis”, in the first Ukrainian theater of musical: “Kamil’fo”. In 2008 first night was held in the original language.
2009 – The role of Kleopatra in “Musical fantasy”, theater “Kamil’fo”,producer Stanislav Liasota.
2010 – Master’s degree with honors at R.M. GliereInstitute, department: “Pop vocal”, subdepartment: “Music art”. Entering Kiev Utiosovvariety art circus academy of municipal administration. Department “Theater art”, subdepartment “Direction of theater and mass spectacles”.
2010 – Die kleinenSternschnuppen, Berlin.
2011 – project: “I will be”, thefirstprofessionalvideoworkwiththeproducer, operatorandphotographerD. Peretrutov, and a composer and authorG.Ignatovich, the participant of the band “Dazzle Dreams”. The songs in the project “I will be” were created in a new ethnic-light-pop genre. The song “I will be” was broadcasted on the radio “Sharmanka” and on the radio “Melody”. The clip was shown on the TV channel “Ru.musik”, and also the music channels of Kazakhstan and China.
2011 – Participation in the musical“Burlesk”.
In2012she performed the song “You will be mine” in the semi-final of Eurovision together with Olga Poliakova, Dzhamala, Mika Njuton and other stars.
2012 –Gotbachelor’s degree with honor.
2012 – Participation at musical television marathon of Ukrainian song at the First national channel.
2013 – Master’s degree at Kiev Utiosovvariety art circus academy of municipal administration. Department “Theater art”, subdepartment “Direction of theater and mass spectacles”.
2013 –The winner of the festival “Folk Music”with the song “Didus’”The festival was organized and held by Oksana Pekun and Vladimir Kovalenko. ThefirstnationalChannel.
2013– StartedworkingwithproducerandcomposerD.Klimashenko. Therewasacontractsignedwith Moon Records, broadcasting at music channel M1, placing at internet-channel “Ello”.
2014– cooperation with German producer. The contract was signed. The songs “It’s not happening”, “You Could be the one” were created.
2015– Musical: «Merlin Monro”.
2015 –Project Venice. The song «Risc”, composer Tereshchenko Pavel.
2017–Performance in the final of Eurovision in Belarus.
2017–Performance at festival“Folk music” with the son“An old man went from mowing field”.
2017–PerformingatRussianfairin Germany at one stage with Boney M, Nastia and Potap, Natali and NatalliaKoroliova.